Winfield 5th grader takes on project to put changing table in park restroom

    Wren Williamson is a 5th grader raising money for an adult changing table. The table would be a part of the renovation to the park's restroom. (Photo by Wendell Edwards)<p>{/p}

    WINFIELD -- When fifth grader Wren Williamson needed a project for Girl Scouts, she didn't need to look too far.

    "We know there are lots of needs in this park," said Williamson, sitting in Ivan K. Hill Park in Winfield. "This bathroom doesn't have anything. It's not even usable any more."

    That bathroom will soon be renovated and Williams was inspired to help with that renovation by adding a changing table. Her mother helped her come up with the idea.

    "I talked to some friends who have children with disabilities," Kara Williamson said. "We have this great park that's now handicap accessible, but you know they still don't have a place to change, especially if you have an older child."

    Wren and her mom found on the internet the exact changing table that they believe will work. It's large enough to accommodate a child or adult.

    "A baby-changing table is much smaller," the 5th grader said. "The average table holds about 50 pounds. But a 9-year-old or an 8-year-old is about 4'9" and weighs about 96 pounds, so it's difficult. It's too small. We needed something bigger."

    Kara Williams said her daughter began thinking big picture and her little project took off big time. Wren has presented her plan to anyone who will listen -- including her classmates and even the Winfield School Board.

    Her goal is to raise $2,700. She's already halfway there.

    "I can just see it," she said. "I want this park to be for everyone."

    She has a deadline for her fundraising. She wants to have the funds collected by the end of February. The bathroom is set to be renovated in the spring and be done just in time for baseball season.

    To learn more about Wren's project, visit her Facebook page.

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