Woman shares story of losing her child in hopes others will get the help they need

Lurenda Avery shares her story for United Way after organization helped her

Just six months into Lurenda Avery's first pregnancy, she had to deliver her daughter Olivia. At this young, Olivia was considered a micro-premie baby.

"After seven days we did have to say goodbye. She passed away."

"I went from everything being perfectly normal to my world being turned upside down in literally a matter of 24 hours," says Avery.

Although Avery was surrounded by family and friends, she says she felt completely alone. "That month was the darkest month of my life."

Thanks to a phone call from a family friend, Avery and her husband sought help from the Amelia Center, a facility offering comprehensive grief counseling.

Avery says, "When we went to the Amelia Center for the first time, I remember walking in and just having this feeling of peace."

Avery says she finally realized she wasn't alone.

Now, she has two healthy children. And the United Way is using Avery's story in their campaign to raise $38 million.

The organization says they are trying to reach younger donors. But many millennials don't realize the money raised by United way goes to 80 programs that help people in need, one of which, is the Amelia Center.

"The United Way serves so many people, so many families, and you just never know who they've helped. I'm one of those people and I'm so grateful they were there when I needed it most," says Avery.

The Amelia Center is located in downtown Birmingham. If you need help you can reach them at 205-638-7481.

For more information on the United Way visit their website.

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