Write-ins could play part in election outcome

How write-in candidates could affect senate race (

Election officials are preparing for the possibility of a large number of write-in votes after key members of the republican party suggested they could not vote for nominee Roy Moore.

The probate judge told ABC 33/40 their office typically handles a decent amount of write-ins during each election, but without a collective statewide write-in campaign, they say it would be difficult for a candidate in that position to pull off a win.

Per state law, they will count the total number of write-in votes, but it's up to the secretary of state to identify those votes, and that only happens if the total number is enough to alter the results of the election.

We asked probate judge Hardy McCollum if he thought senator Richard Shelby's decision to write-in a candidate would influence Republican voters to do the same, and he told us that he believes it could have an impact.

So if you are wondering if a larger number of write-ins could cause a delay in the returns tonight, the answer is no. Judge McCollum said they will turn those votes over to Secretary of State John Merrill and that should not slow them down in determining a winner.

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