5-year-old Texas church shooting victim fights for life at University Hospital

(Photo: SBG San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO---5 year old Ryland Ward remains in critical condition here at university hospital with more than 20 family members at his side.

Earl McMahan, Ryland's uncle explains, "He's 5 years old, and he was shot five times, his legs his stomach his arms."

"Right now they have him stable they have him unconscious, he's not been able to move or anything until they get most of the main surgeries done," says McMahan.

"He's in ICU and they're monitoring him very closely. He's got quite a bit wrong with him right now."

And as most of us can only imagine, Earl and the family are in shock and taking it one minute at a time.

"You really can't put it into words. We just blessed that he's alive because there's so many that aren't. They were able to get him out and get him here and get him seen," exclaims McMahan.

Two of Ryland's sisters and step mom didn't make it out and Earl described seeing Ryland's father last night.

"When I saw him up here last night he's dealing with Ryland upstairs and he couldn't get any word at the time about his wife and other daughters and where they were taken. Find out one of them is here going through surgery, it's just hard,"

If you’d like to donate blood for the shooting victims University Hospital will be taking donations for the rest of this week or to schedule an appointment call 210-358-2812.

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