Hawaii lawmakers considering bill that would effectively ban cigarettes

    (MGN Online)

    HONOLULU, Hawaii. (WSET) -- Lawmakers in Hawaii are considering completely banning cigarette sales in the near future.

    Hawaii was the first state to ban the sale of cigarettes to anyone under 21 back in 2016, HNN reports.

    The proposed bill would progressively increase the state minimum age to buy cigarettes to 30-years-old next year. Then by 2022, you would have to be at least 50-years-old to buy a pack of cigarettes.

    Finally, by 2024 nobody under 100 can buy cigarettes -- effectively making them prohibited to everyone.

    HNN calls the passage of the House Bill 1509 a long shot.

    “The cigarette is considered the deadliest artifact in human history,” the representatives who proposed the bill write, in their preamble to the measure. “The cigarette is an unreasonably dangerous and defective productive, killing half of its long-term users.”

    But, the proposed measure would not include e-cigarette sales.

    Currently, Hawaii has some of the highest taxes on cigarettes at $3.20 a pack.

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