'No!' Video shows girl run from stranger who appears to offer new bike

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    SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) – When Michelle McCardell’s daughter came running through the front door, it was obvious something was wrong.

    “She said something to the effect that he was dirty and tricky,” McCardell told 2News.

    “He” was a stranger who had apparently just pulled up to their Salt Lake home and called for the girl who was on the front lawn.

    McCardell’s daughter said the man offered her a bike. The family has a doorbell camera that recorded the incident.

    “’Should I call the police should I not call the police?’, and seeing the video, I was like ‘absolutely,’” McCardell said.

    Salt Lake City Police responded and saw the doorbell video as well as video from a neighbor’s surveillance camera which also caught the car pulling up to the girl.

    “It was odd behavior where she’s home in her own yard and a car pulls up and starts talking to her,” Salt Lake City Police Sgt. Brandon Shearer said. “We’re not exactly sure what was said, it was something to the extent of ‘would you like a bicycle.’”

    Police say the girl did the right thing by running away. Detectives hope to talk to the man in the car and hear his side of the story.

    Police say the man was driving a late-model green Ford Taurus. The paint is possibly peeling off the hood. He was reportedly wearing a orange and yellow camo hat and had a mustache.

    The girl's family hope sharing the video helps someone else who may find themselves in a similar situation.

    “What if this happens again and the outcomes are different for somebody else,” McCardell said.

    Police ask the man in the car, or anyone who recognizes the car, to call dispatch at 801-799-3000.

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