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Over half of states have passed measures to stop CRT, equity efforts in schools, report says

FILE: Schoolbus (WSBT Photo)
FILE: Schoolbus (WSBT Photo)
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The UCLA School of Law Critical Race Studies Program (CRS) has been tracking federal, state and local efforts attempting to block the teaching of critical race theory, ultimately finding at least 670 instances across the country.

The CRS initiative, known as the CRT Forward Tracking Project, has been recording data on "measures that limit [CRT] teaching, [CRT] curricula, [CRT] trainings, access to [CRT] texts and books and alter general diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies," according to a webpage describing the initiative.

Everything from legislative proposals attempting to get rid of CRT and DEI programming, trainings and books in schools, to letters and statements from high-ranking public officials criticizing CRT and DEI efforts, were recorded by the tracking project as the so-called "measures."

Overall, 27 states have passed measures to crack down on CRT and/or DEI efforts in schools, according to the project. Additional actions have been taken to ban such content in local school districts as well.

The Tracking Project is the only database that combines and makes available anti-CRT measures at three levels—local, state, and federal—in a single location," the project's website asserts. "Each anti-CRT measure has been verified through a screening process that included more than 4,000 newspapers for local, state, and federal anti-CRT measures."

At the federal level, according to the tracking project, there have been a total of 43 bills introduced that have attempted to place limits on or ban the teaching of critical race theory in schools, or that have tried to change diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policies. However, none have been passed into law at this point in time.

On the state level, every state with the exception of California, Vermont and Delaware, has either attempted to pass or passed legislation aimed at ridding schools of CRT and DEI instruction and policies, the tracking project found.

Additionally, over half of U.S. states, 37, had at least one, or in most cases more than one, local school district that has taken action or attempted to take action to rid their schools of CRT and DEI programming.

Only seven states, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, Virginia and Wisconsin saw measures pushed by their city or county governments, however.

Between February and April, anti-CRT measures increased by 8.5%, according to the tracking report, which also noted a 10% increase in anti-CRT and DEI efforts overall since the first quarter of 2023.

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Crisis in the Classroom (CITC) reached out to the CRT Forward Tracking Project for comment, but did not immediately hear back. If a response is received, this story will be updated.

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