Self-proclaimed 'hurricane fighter' stares down Florence with American flag in hand

    High winds and storm surge from Hurricane Florence hits Swansboro N.C.,Friday, Sept. 14, 2018. (AP Photo/Tom Copeland)

    WASHINGTON (CIRCA) -- A Florida man who gained notoriety for fearlessly standing down Hurricane Matthew in 2016 has decided to try the same tactic on Florence.

    Lane Pittman of Jacksonville Beach, Fla. posted a video of himself braving the Florence winds, clutching an American flag, in nothing but his underwear. In the caption, he exclaims "YOU ARE WEAK AND SMALL FLORENCE!!!!! FLORIDA MAN IS HERE!!!!!"

    Pittman, a University of North Florida graduate, started a GoFundMe page to finance his trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C.

    The page says "Pay for my gas/coffee and I’ll go fight Hurricane Florence. MERICA BABY!!! We stick together." It exceeded its $150 goal in just a day.

    Pittman also recently started a clothing line featuring the viral image from his original video, which can be seen below.

    Last year, Pittman took on Hurricane Irma.

    He posted the following message along with his video:

    "Y'all wanted more headbanging? Well here it is. THIS ONE IS FOR ALL MY AMERICANS, IN MEMORY OF 9/11, AND EVERYONE IMPACTED BY THESE HURRICANES!!! NEVER BACK DOWN TO ANYTHING!!! Shout out to Vollmer Visuals for making this dream come to life! If you watch this video, please take a second and donate $1 to American Red Cross to help everyone in need of relief for these hurricanes. It's been a brutal season!"

    All three videos are set to Slayer's "Raining Blood."

    Hurricanes are terrifying and destructive, but at least this guy is out there singlehandedly working to fight off the worst of them.

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