Toddler suffers 2nd degree burns on feet at splash pad

    Paislee Welch. (Courtesy: Chelsea Welch)

    On Monday, Chelsea Welch's 14-month-old daughter, Paislee, was at Burns Park in White City enjoying the splash pad on a triple-digit temperature day with other children under the supervision of Welch's friend.


    Because it was so hot, Paislee took off her shoes, ran to the button to activate the splash pad and burned her feet on a metal cover.

    "She just took off her shoes and went running," Chelsea said. "It's only 10 feet away from where she was on the blanket. It's like a shock factor, so when she stood on it, it just scared her, shocked her and then it, you know, kept scalding her."

    Because the cover was so hot, Paislee suffered 2nd degree burns on her feet and was taken to a nearby hospital. On the ride there, Chelsea says her daughter peeled the blisters that had formed on the bottom of her feet. Doctors say that was probably the most painful part of the experience behind stepping on the metal.

    Paislee was then flown to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland to have her feet attended to and bandaged.

    Chelsea says as of Thursday morning, Paislee is doing as well as expected. Doctors tell Chelsea the toddler's feet should heal just fine. Because the skin on the feet is so thick and tough, the injuries did not end up being worse than 2nd degree burns.

    Within 24 hours of the occurrence, Jackson County Parks replaced the metal covers with non-metal ones in order to prevent this from happening in the future. John Vial with the department says the park is not actually under county jurisdiction, but they stepped in to help. The only other park in the county's jurisdiction is the water slide area at Emigrant Lake.

    Vial says it will be up to the cities and towns individually if they want to replace the metal covers near splash pads, if others exist.

    Chelsea says people have approached her advising legal action, but she does not want to pursue that avenue because of a simple accident. She just hopes other parents and parks departments take this as a cautionary tale.

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