Woman with gun praised after getting purse-snatcher to drop purse

Woman with gun praised after getting purse-snatcher to drop purse. (WKRC)

FRANKLIN, Ohio (WKRC) - A local woman earned the nickname “Annie Oakley” after she stopped a purse-snatcher.

The woman pulled her gun when she saw a robber target an elderly woman on North Main Street in Franklin on Monday.

Franklin Police say an 84-year-old woman was walking to a Main Street business when a man with a gun stole her purse. Mary Moore was driving in the opposite direction and saw the commotion.

When Moore saw what was going on, she did a U-turn to come and help.

Little did the purse-snatcher know, he was about to be face to face with a CCW holder; Moore was packing.

Moore says she caught up with the suspect and ordered him to drop the purse, but he refused.

She finally convinced him to do so with some added convincing by pointing her gun at him. He dropped the purse and ran.

Another witness, Paul Bruns, then went after the suspect.

The suspect was last seen running toward the bike path along the Great Miami River.

Moore returned the purse to its rightful owner.

The victim was going to Shurform Laminates when she was robbed. On Tuesday, the store's owners gave her free laminates to make up for her misfortune.

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