Restaurant: 'You may have beaten the Grinch on coldheartedness'

    Photo source: Foley Police Department

    A patron reportedly left a local restaurant without paying Sunday night. Foley Police (FPD) say they need your help identifying her so they can track her down for skipping the tab.

    According to FPD and the restaurant, the woman - who was wearing a maroon jacket - ate at the Rock N Roll Sushi in Foley. Authorities did not say what time it happened, but the restaurant's surveillance video recorded her and others sitting at a booth around 6:44 p.m.

    The restaurant took to Facebook to voice frustration, comparing her to an iconic, criminally inclined Christmas character. The post reads in part, "You may have beaten the Grinch on coldheartedness."

    Call the FPD at (251) 943-4431 if you know who she is. She is wanted for questioning for walking out without paying her meals, the agency said in a Facebook post.

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