Vehicle doing donuts brings major Nashville interstate to a standstill

    (Photo: Ricardo Suarez)

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — Video taken on I-24 near Antioch, Tenn. on Saturday night shows a vehicle causing traffic to come to a standstill.

    Nashville resident Ricardo Suarez captured the scary moment for drivers when a driver decided to do donuts in the middle of traffic.

    In the video, you can see other vehicles stopped on the shoulder watching the event and others standing in the middle of the interstate also watching.

    Vehicle doing donuts shuts down major Tennessee interstate. (Photo: Ricardo A Suarez)

    Suarez says he happened to be passing by when he spotted the act and took video. Suarez says since taking the video, he has received some negative comments from people with misinformation and wanted to clarify he was just in the area and recorded the event "like any other normal person would."

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