Del Marsh: We’re not responsible for poll asking about possible write-in candidates

Del Marsh (AP Photo/Dave Martin, FILE)

Alabama Senate President Pro-Tem Del Marsh says he had nothing to do with a poll conducted Wednesday evening asking about his and Mo Brooks’ names as possible write-in candidates for the U.S. Senate race.

“We surely didn’t initiate anything,” Marsh told ABC 33/40 by phone.

He added that he doesn’t “see any kind of real effort for a write-in campaign.”

Marsh then blamed Washington for the predicament Alabama is in right now.

“No doubt in my mind, this predicament is because Washington wouldn’t stay out of this race in the first place,” said Marsh. “I hope Washington will learn to let Alabama make their own decisions.”

Marsh is referring to his experience when exploring the option of running for this seat.

When Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat became vacant, former Governor Robert Bentley interviewed Marsh as a possible appointment to the seat. After the interviews, Bentley decided to appoint Alabama’s Attorney General Luther Strange to the seat.

When Bentley resigned and Governor Kay Ivey took over, she moved up the date for the special election to fill the seat. Marsh was interested in running, and even made a trip to Washington to explore the possibility.

Marsh says he was told they were treating Strange as an incumbent and would “do whatever it took to get him elected.”

“I was told anyone who got in the race, they would run a hard campaign which included attacking those individuals to ensure their candidate won.”

Marsh decided not to run in the Senate race.

“I think we could have had a whole different situation, but Washington chose to put a lot of money in this race. The people of Alabama didn’t take kindly to it. I think that’s for a large extent the reason we’re in the situation we’re in today.”

A growing number of Republicans, including Senator Richard Shelby, say they’ll write-in a candidate on the December ballot, instead of voting for Republican nominee Roy Moore.

When asked who he plans to vote for, Marsh said he’s been on record as saying he “will support whoever the Republican candidate is.”

When asked if he believes the Gadsden women making accusations, Marsh replied, “I’m not calling anyone a liar. A lot of people are talking and over time, the people of Alabama will have to decide what they’re going to do.”

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