Gov. Kay Ivey: I'll vote for Roy Moore

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (

Governor Kay Ivey says she’ll vote for Roy Moore in Alabama’s Special Election for U.S. Senate December 12.

“I do believe the nominee of the party is the one I will vote for,” Ivey said Friday. “I believe in the Republican Party and what we stand for and most important, we need to have a republican in the United States Senate to vote on things like Supreme Court justices, other appointments the Senate has to confirm and make major decisions. So that’s what I plan to do is vote for Republican Nominee Roy Moore.”

Governor Ivey also said the date of the election will remain December 12. She said she's already changed the date of the election once, and she doesn't plan to do it again.

When asked if she believes the women accusing Moore of sexual misconduct, Ivey said she doesn't disbelieve them.

"There's never an excuse for or rational for sexual misconduct or sexual abuse,” Ivey said of the women’s stories. “It bothers me.”

Ivey went on to say she must consider all the information she has.

“Certainly, it has an impact,” said Ivey. “But at the same time, the United States Senate needs to have in my opinion a majority of Republican votes to carry the day when they have to consider major decisions. So that's a factor as well."

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