Ammons wins JeffCo District 5 race, Williams says federal indictment swayed voters

Jack Williams waits to see results of the Jefferson County District Five Commission race on Tuesday night.

After his indictment on federal bribery charges on April 2nd, Jack Williams says he will be swallowing another tough pill.

He told ABC 33/40's Patrick Thomas he knew after the votes were counted in Vestavia Hills, that he would lose to fellow well-known Vestavia Hills politician Steve Ammons for the Jefferson County District 5 commission race.

At a watch party on the night of the primary, Williams claimed he is innocent. However, the voters spoke up and made it clear they wanted the former Vestavia Hills city councilman in office.

Williams told ABC 33/40, "Oh I think it had a tremendous impact in the race. By my polling, I had a substantial lead at that point (April 2nd). I've known for the last two months that this would be a very challenging race due to outside circumstances that I had no control over. It doesn't look like a good night for this campaign. It looks like this is Steve's night. So I would say congratulations to Steve."

Chairman of the Jefferson County Board of Registrars Barry Stephenson says Jefferson County turnout hovered between 25-28%.

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