Jefferson County voters to check-in on electronic poll pads beginning in Tuesday's Primary

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With Tuesday’s primaries, Jefferson County voters will undergo a big change at their precincts. This will be the first time for all voters in the county to check in on electronic poll pads.

One big change with electronic check in is that you can go to any line. It will not be sorted by your last name.

You'll use a tablet to sign in and get your paper ballot.

If you use a driver's license as your photo I.D., you will be able to scan it to pull up your information.

Other forms of identification like a passport or student I.D. will have to be entered manually.

When your name comes up, you can choose a republican ballot or a democrat ballot. Then, you will sign your name on the touch screen.

Barry Stephenson at the Board of Registrars explains how this will help make the check-in process faster.

“One of the biggest positives of the electronic poll books is there’s no more alphabet splits,” he said. “So you can go get in the shortest line. One of the biggest complaints we get is the A through D line may be moving but the E through K is backed up out the door. We can’t predict turnout by alphabetNo more of that. You just get in the shortest line.”

Eighteen precincts in Jefferson County used these poll pads in December as a pilot program. Stephenson says it went smoothly. Now, all 172 precincts will use the machines.

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