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5 unique birthday party ideas for kids

Party planning made easy.

Planning a birthday for the kiddos can be fun and stressful. It's harder when the pressure is on to make this year's party bigger and better than last year. Children can be very particular about what they want, or they might not know what they want at all.

Here are five unique ideas for kid's birthday parties.

1.Bubble party favors. Bubbles are the perfect party favor as they are inexpensive and plentiful for any party. Their bottles and wands come in a variety of sizes. You can spruce it up by adding little trinkets, fun name tags, and colored ribbons to them. (Besides, no one is too old for bubbles!) Pump It Up knows how to make your parties pop with their bubble bash theme.

2.Craft your invitations. Why not get crafty with your invites and let your kiddos help? An invitation doesn't have to be a fancy piece of paper. You can make anything from corky hats to colorful drawings. Let your kid's imaginations run wild with putting together something fun. It's cost-friendly and personal.

3.Birthday cake cookies. If you're looking to switch things up, try birthday cookies. It's the delicious taste of cake in the fun shape of a cookie. There are tons of mixtures to choose from strawberry shortcake to peanut butter cups. Let your child choose the flavor. Prep it as if you're baking a cake and then use a scooper to create cookie shapes. Yummy, fun, and unique.

4.Fun themes. Everyone opts for a Disney princess or superhero theme, but what about a Lego Batman or Medieval theme? What makes these themes fun is that children can come to the party dressed for the occasion. You can also incorporate props, different foods, and games that tailor to the theme.

5.Have a bounce party. Take it indoors to a bounce palace. Your kids will get hours of endless, bouncy play on slides, exciting jump challenges, and secret hideouts. All food and party goods included. Your kids and their friends will have a fantastic time and sleep well that night. Parents can rest easy knowing that they gave their children an awesome party that cost them very little stress.

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