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Why Urban Air Trussville is more than just a trampoline park

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Ready to jump into action at Urban Air Trussville?

Who doesn’t love trampolines? You can bounce for hours, try out cool tricks, and defy gravity. There’s nothing like it! That’s why indoor trampoline parks have become insanely popular in cities across the country.

But what if there was a place with endless trampolines AND a ropes course, climbing walls, an obstacle course, a battle beam, and an indoor playground? That’s right! With action around every corner, Urban Air Trussville has all that and more. It’s the ultimate indoor playground for the entire family.

Check out the list below to see why Urban Air Trussville is so much more than a typical trampoline park.

It’s the perfect birthday party location. Take your kids’ parties to a whole new level. The park’s Party Reservation Specialists will handle all the event details from start to finish, so you can fully focus on enjoying your kid’s big day. The youngsters will have an unforgettable time, and you’ll be stress-free.

You can host your next group events here. Something magical seems to happen when you step inside an Urban Air Trussville. It takes you back to that same feeling you used to have when the bell rang for recess—except the playground is now a whole lot cooler. The friendly staff at Urban Air Trussville will work with you to create a custom package that meets your event needs and budget, so all that you need to worry about is having fun!

It’s a fantastic workout. As you move from a trampoline to the climbing wall to an obstacle course, you’re bound to burn some serious calories. Tone your upper body on the rock-climbing wall, test your balance and overall strength on the warrior course, and improve your cardiovascular fitness bouncing on the trampolines. Who needs the gym when you have an adventure park to visit?

There are weekly events for the whole family. With a variety of attractions for all ages, your entire family will have a blast at the park. Come for a Family Night, with a package that includes the basic attractions, bottled waters, and pizza. Or, bring your little ones to the park for Jumperoo, a special time where it’s open only to children five and under plus their parents.

There’s a delicious café. With all of the jumping, flipping, and climbing, chances are that you and the kids are going to need a break to refuel. Luckily, Urban Air Trussville has a café stocked with endless food and refreshments. The kids can satisfy their grumbling tummies and then jump right back into the action.

The attractions are endless. Have you always imagined being an American Ninja Warrior? Or of free climbing El Capitan? Make that dream a reality on the climbing walls or warrior courses in the park. Or, see what it feels like to fly on the Sky Rider Indoor Coaster. With the wide variety of options, there’s an attraction for everyone at Urban Air Trussville!

Ready to jump into action at Urban Air Trussville? Check them out online at www.urbanairtrussville.com or call 205-677-5734.