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UA Early College Allows High School Students to Earn College Credit

High school students enrolled in UA Early College get a head start on their college education.

High school students across the country now have the ability to earn college credit thanks to a unique opportunity offered through The University of Alabama. UA Early College, the premier online program for high school students seeking college credit, allows students to start taking online or on-campus classes from The University of Alabama while they are still in high school.

“What’s really significant is that our UA Early College students are learning to navigate through college before their freshman year. The skills they learn, such as how to email professors, how to communicate with others and how to solve their own problems, prepare them for success at the university level. These skills may seem like second nature to many adults, but they are key to helping students graduate on time,” said Dr. Victoria Whitfield, director of UA Early College.

All UA Early College students begin with the Readiness Course, through which they earn two hours of elective college credit. As an introductory course, UAEC 200 offers lessons on time management, good study habits and communication. It also prepares students for the classes they will soon take and helps them become familiar with campus resources by requiring them to write a university-level research paper using the university’s online library and the UA Writing Center.

Once the UAEC 200 College Readiness Course is completed, students can take classes of their choosing, such as English 101 and English 102, history, anthropology, psychology, criminal justice, women’s studies and many more.

“UA Early College gives students the opportunity to explore their interests while earning credit from a top university,” said Whitfield. “Not only are they earning credits that will transfer to almost anywhere in the nation, but also our students graduate high school confident that they can succeed at any university or college they attend.”

To learn more about UA Early College, visit, or contact 205-348-7083.

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