Auburn moves rolling from Toomer's Corner to adjacent trees

Auburn University is asking fans not to roll the new oak trees that replaced those burned in the 2016 fire, pictured above (

Rolling oak trees at Toomer's Corner after an athletic victory is one of Auburn University's most recognized traditions. This year, however, the college is changing things up in order to protect the heath of the corner's new oak trees.

Auburn is asking its fans to refrain rolling the new oak trees at Toomer's Corner, given that the trees' root systems are not fully established. In 2011, the original Auburn Oaks were poisoned. Though two new trees were planted in 2015, they were damaged by a fire in September 2016. The current trees replaced those burned last year.

The University has set aside trees for rolling in front of Biggin Hall and along College Street. The University also asks that fans not roll the 10 smaller oaks lining the walkway from Toomer's Corner to Samford Hall, as they are part of a scholarship project managed by Auburn's Forestry Club and Wildlife Society.

A map showing which trees can be rolled is available here. More information about the descendant oaks and the scholarship plan is available here.

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