Grand jury brings charges against ex Auburn asst. basketball coach

(AP Photo/Larry Neumeister)

Tuesday, November 7th, a New York Federal grand jury indicted Chuck Person in relation to the FBI's investigation into fraud and corruption in college basketball.

Former Auburn assistant head coach Chuck Person, and Atlanta men’s clothier Rashan Michel, and others

...participated in a scheme to defraud Auburn University by facilitating and concealing bribe payments to student-athletes at Auburn University, and/or their familiesthereby causing Auburn University to continue to provide athletic scholarships to student-athletes who in truth, and in fact, were ineligible to compete as a result of the bribe payments.

If the allegations in Count 5, Item 48 of the indictment are proven true, that would be an NCAA violation.

Person, who has been suspended without pay from his position as an Auburn assistant basketball coach, is facing six charges for fraud, bribery, and conspiracy.

Person and Michel, a clothing store owner in Atlanta, were among ten men arrested by the FBI on September 26th as part of a joint investigation with the U.S. Attorney's Office into college basketball.

Last week Auburn announced a decision to keep basketball players Daniel Purifoy and Austin Wiley out of games indefinitely in an attempt to "avoid any potential eligibility issues."

Read the indictment in its entirety below:

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