Gus Malzahn addresses contract talks, play calling duties

Auburn head football coach Gus Malzahn (

Tonight Auburn Coach Gus Malzahn met the media for the first time since the regular season ended with a loss to Alabama in the Iron Bowl. Since then, there have been reports that he agreed to an amended buyout in his contract.

Tonight, Malzahn said that is not true. “A couple things I wanted to clear up that are out there,” Malzahn said. “First of all, my contract has not changed one bit. I was never told I had to change my contract to keep my job. I have the support of our athletic director and president. There’s nobody hamstringing me from doing our job."

Malzahn also explained why he’s taken over play-calling duties after the departure of offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey to Kansas. Malzahn hired Lindsey’s replacement, Kenny Dillingham, from Memphis. Dillingham will take over offensive coordinator duties, but Malzahn will call the plays starting with the Music City Bowl on December 28th and continuing into next year.

"The demands of this job each year gets more challenging, but sometimes as a coach you have to evaluate where you are at,” Malzahn said. “Sometimes things change, and they have, so I just evaluated where we are at and it is best for us if I move forward calling plays. Ilove to do that. That is really who I am at my core.”

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