Samford receivers compete for coaches, quarterbacks attention

There are plenty of players who want a piece of Samford's "pass attack" pie (

Competition at wide receiver is going to be a daily story-line for the Samford Bulldogs this month.

Defenses can count on the Bulldogs throwing the football. They averaged 350 yards passing a game last season, 85 yards better than the next best team in the Southern Conference.

Quarterback Devlin Hodges returns, so Samford knows who will be delivering the passes but who will be the intended targets? Two of the top three receivers from last season, Karel Hamilton and Emmanuel Obajimi wrapped up their collegiate careers.

But there are a lot of others who want a piece of the "pass attack" pie.

"I feel like we have eight or nine wideouts that can help us this season," Hodges said. "Just having that depth back in there and guys that I know that I can count on if someone goes down. It's just a lot of excitement. It takes a lot of stress off of me."

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