Stillman College dropping football, other sports

Stillman College is eliminating football and other sports besides basketball to save money. (

Limited funding is taking a toll, on yet, another college campus.

What began as "talk" around campus is now official.

Stillman College is dropped nearly it's entire athletics program.

Stillman College football and numerous other sports will be no more after this academic year, school officials announced today.

"Starting Fall term in 2016, we will be reducing the number of sports from the current number of 12 to 2 sports," said Stillman President Dr. Peter Millet.

With that, the decision was final, men's and women's basketball will be the only sports offered at Stillmam College.

The announcement left many students with more questions than answer.

"I think it's detrimental to the student population, to the moral of students. It's unfortunate especially with the football program being cut, students saw it after a long week as a way to celebrate and now that it's gone we're looking for options on what we will do now," said Stillman College Senior, Michael Cromartie.

"I'm lostI'm really lost to be honest as far as finding places to go, starting over, finding friends establishing yourself," said Stillman College Football Player, Denzel Malone-Huff.

President Millet said the school will honor scholarships to it's current student athletes and full-fill coaching agreements with staff through the 2015-16 school year.

He said the cuts are in an effort to uphold high standards of excellence with a limited budget.

"We will bolster our efforts in science, technology, education, arts, mathematics, secondly, we will have a center of excellence in education with a focus on preparing candidates to be outstanding teachers in math, science and music," said Millet

Students said they do not think it will be enough to keep students on campus or recruit new ones.

"To know they have no sports activities to participate in or to cheer the team is going to be kind of hard to recruit students on that level," said Cromartie.

In addition to cutting 10 sports, Stillman will so go from an NCAA Division 2 school to being a part of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, or NAIA.

Men's and women's basketball, band and cheerleading will continue.

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