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Stu joined the sports team at ABC 33/40 in October, 2012 as a producer and reporter. He's spent the past five years in Alabama getting an education in the SEC and BBQ. He continues to advance toward a dual doctorate.

Stu is originally from California but instantly fell in love with southern hospitality. He spent four years at WAKA in Montgomery before moving up I-65 to Birmingham. He's worked at stations in Reno, NV and Casper, WYwhich gives him the distinction of going from one end of the state alphabet to the other when he moved to Alabama.

Stu was awarded the Alabama Associated Press award for best sports feature in 2009. He was also honored for best sports anchor and best sports feature by the A.P. in Wyoming.

Stu has covered sporting events all over the country. Some of his favorite moments: Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo; The 2012 Major League Baseball All-Star Game; The Oakland Raiders win over Tennessee in the 2003 AFC Championship; The Colorado Rockies victory over San Diego to reach the 2007 postseason; The 2012 and 2013 BCS Championship Games.

What possessed a west coast cowboy to try his luck two thousand miles from home? Stu is reminded and rewarded with the answer every day he gets to meet, greet and learn from the most sports driven fan base he's ever seen. Please excuse him is he chooses to 'audible' on the question of Tide or Tigers. The answer is Cal Bears because just like the fan bases Stu loves to cover, he set his allegiance early and will wear it proudly for life.

Stu recently embraced the stereotype that every Californian carries: he took up surfing. He also plays bass guitar in his spare timebut only because his drums have yet to switch coasts (the set still resides in CA).

Stu's passion for sports and storytelling trails only his love for his dog, Falco. You can find them at one of Birmingham's dog park'swhere Falco never fails to have the home field edge.