Thank you for your interest in the ABC 33/40 Weather Authority Storm Watch system. This will explain the procedure to obtain an inclement weather code from ABC 33/40.

Our Weather Authority Storm Watch System includes schools, city and government offices, the military, and businesses. If you are a preschool or daycare facility, training or licensing school/business, a church or religious facility, a small business with less than 100 employees, a small group, organization, or non-profit organization, or a small medical facility or clinic, your closing will not appear in our on-air crawl. However, you will be listed on

Our closing system was created to help in the notification of employees during inclement weather. That is what the guidelines are based on. It is not based on patients, customers, and clients. It is our hope that the individual business will have a plan in place to notify its patients, customers and clients.

If you would like to apply for an inclement weather code, please include the following information on your company letterhead or with a COO or Human Resources manager signature which includes your address. Please write that you are requesting an inclement weather code, and include no more than two contact names and phone numbers. If you are a school, please include what grade levels are taught at your school. If you are a business, please include the number of people employed at your business. You can email that information to

Please allow at least 2 weeks to process your request. We cannot process requests during or prior to an impending storm.